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Healthy food - shocking information

Selain Shota Fujiwara, ada sorang lagi kena macam ni. Sila baca... don't worry.. tak de gambar... Memang panjang sket tapi berbaloi.

In 2001, American doctors said the unique event - the patient Bessert Don (Dawn Becerra) parasitic worm removed from the brain. As the victim herself, the worm was in her body when used Taco - Mexican cuisine dishes stuffed with pork. After the case the woman was sick for three weeks, and then she started epileptic seizures, turned her life in agony after three years it has been thoroughly examined. Doctors from the world-renowned Mayo Clinic stated that the only way to get rid of the seizures - to remove the worm from the brain. While the need for the brain surgery is not the Don simple solution, she agreed.

Surgeons worked for six hours. All this time the woman was in the minds, and for pain using only acupuncture and light anesthetics. It was imperative that physicians could identify the place where they work, and do not damage the vital areas. Before the work they have stimulated a place cut weak electric and inquired about the sick feeling.

In addition, during the entire operation with Don talking. She knows two languages, so the conversations were in English and Spanish. Doctors found and removed the parasite, which was dead and had already begun to decompose, without damaging the surrounding brain cells.

Sushi lovers are also facing great danger. Japanese surgeons were shocked when the worms found in the head of one of the fans of this dish. Today, unfortunately, the land became one of the most popular delicacies and Russians.

Many sushi bars and Japanese restaurants firmly won its place in the sun in our country. Many lovers of oriental cuisine mistakenly believe that the land - it is healthy, tasty and low food. In fact, the raw fish is the carrier tape and round worms. The destruction of these parasites may, for this would require cooking or freezing the product to 0 - 4 ° C.

For many years addicted to raw fish, a Japanese official Shota Fujiwara paid with their health. Big fan of sushi and sashimi Shota Fujiwara, began to complain of severe headache, which he is associated with stress at work. Severe migraine began soon the man was transferred in violation of motor functions. However, a brain scan and x-rays did not give accurate results. Fujiwara made the local anesthesia, and after a while, through the pores of the skin surface started out tiny worms. Opening the skull helped Japanese doctors found a huge number of small out of the head worms. On the existence of worms Shota Fujiwara is not even suspected.

Any fish, including sea, affected by worms, or worms. As the head of the urban study parasitic diseases and Tropical Medicine in the Clinical Hospital number 1 of infection, the doctor of medical sciences, professor Alexander Bronstein, the level of destruction helminthoses the most, where the consumption of raw fish available, writes «You can not imagine how many Japanese and Koreans infected with worms that they get from the raw fish», - said Bronstein.

The national cuisine is an ancient island nation's rice and fish. It is these products and are the basis of the land. The main highlight of this dish, Japanese chefs consider preserving the original taste and appearance of the product.

Classic sushi does not have any treatment. Crude fish in the country of the rising sun is associated with longevity. This is an integral part of healthy eating, the Japanese feel. In fact, seafood rich in minerals and trace elements. And it is rice, which begins with the land, contains fiber, which plays an important role in digestion. As a low-calorie product, «kolobki» become even more popular as a means to combat the extra kilos. However, land-lovers should not forget that they may become a victim of the parasite.

Scientists believe that life can be extended at the expense of greater consumption of fruits and vegetables. At an international conference in New York on Aging under the auspices of the UN and the World Health Organization, one of the researchers noted the relatively low death rate from cancer (cancer) at the Seventh Day Adventists. They do not smoke, do not drink alcoholic beverages, the food is rich in vegetables and fruits.

But the food from McDonalds is not helpful.

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Kat artikel ni dia tulis pork/'raw fish' ye.. Bukan udang, sedangkan cencalok dan belacan dibuat daripada udang. Budu plak dibuat daripada ikan bilis. Mungkin bagi penggemar budu bolehlah mempertimbangkan untuk memanas/menyejukkannya dari suhu 0 - 4 ° C terlebih dahulu sebelum memakannya. Kalo rasa nak selamatlah.. tapi setahu aku tak dak plak kes ni jadi kat orang yang suka makan belacan, cencalok @ budu kat Malaysia ni. Wallahu'alam.

Bab resdung. Cuba cari kat web kenapa resdung bleh terjadi. Ia bukan disebabkan oleh makanan. Makanan ni terutamanya apa saja jenis makanan laut hanya menjadi trigger @ alahan pada orang yang mempunyai resdung.

Kes jangkitan kuman @ worm ni boleh menyebabkan seseorang itu mendapat meningitis hingga menyebabkan terjadinya hydrocephalus macam Syafiah. Tapi dalam kes Syafiah ia bukanlah disebabkan meningitis, ia disebabkan oleh intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH).

Eh! Korang ingat hydrocephalus tak jadi kat orang dewasa ke? Cuba check simptom dia - severe headache, migraine, seizures, difficulty in walking, dementia @ forgetfulness (mungkin disangkakan nyanyuk) & urinary incontinence. Ni ada sikit cerita pasal NPH (normal pressure hydrocephalus):

Sal Romano, a 78-year-old with type II diabetes, lives alone, but his family has been keeping very close tabs on him for about a year. According to his daughter, that's when he started to 'think more slowly' and become forgetful. He lost interest in his favorite pastimes, too - writing letters to the editor of the local paper and participating in political campaigns. He also started walking differently - in very small, slow, unsteady steps as if his feet were glued to the floor.

In recent months, Mr. Romano has had trouble handling simple tasks. He needs help balancing his checkbook, for example, because he can no longer do the math. He's also started to behave oddly, at times using his car to move personal items from his house to a similar-looking one nearby.

These problems prompted Mr. Romano's daughter to take him to his primary care physician. Without ordering any diagnostic tests, the physician diagnosed senile dementia, and told her that nothing could be done to help him.


Ha... check jangan tak check diri kita. Ada tak simptom macam kat atas tu? Kalau ada tu baik terus ambil langkah seterusnya. Semoga apa yang dikorek ni bermanfaat... Ermmm... blog ni dah jadi blog kesihatanlah plak kan.. Tapi best... I like!

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